About Me

My name is Aranzazu Armengual. I'm Spanish and Mexican (dual citizenship)  and a recent graduate from The Digital Animation & Visual Effects (DAVE) School in Orlando, Florida, where I gained production pipeline experience to become industry-ready.
I am fully proficient as a 3D Artist in the following  aspects of the VFX production pipeline, including animating, texturing, compositing, lighting, stereoscopic conversion and video production. I'm qualified to work on feature films, TV shows, AAA games, and commercials.
Software I'm skilled with includes: NUKE, Maya, MODO, Premiere,  MARI, Zbrush, Mocha, Photoshop, Vray, Mental Ray and Renderman
I'm a team player, friendly, efficient, and bi-lingual (English and Spanish). I’m a very motivated, diligent worker, and a fast learner.  I'm able to work independently, or in groups.  I have excellent time management skills, a positive attitude, a professional work ethic, and I do the job well.  I'm organized, a problem solver, and quality-oriented.  and easily able to manage multiple priorities, am honest, professional, humble, and remain composed under stress.
My passion for this industry and the job I do drives me to quickly and efficiently deliver high-quality work every day
Willing to move where needed
Thanks for your time and consideration!

Aranzazu Armengual
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